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Potential projects

Some examples by segment are:

- Port
* Providing Internet access to ships
* Security surveillance of the port by IP camera's
* Transfer measured, captured data directly from handheld to back-end systems
(for example numbers of security keys of containers, depth measurements of the fairway,…)

- Airport
* Providing Internet access to customers
* Security surveillance of the airport by remote controlled IP camera's
* Mobile point of sales / check-in points at peak periods
* Provide free information on flights

- Hospitals
* Internet access to patients
* Access to patient files for doctors anywhere in the hospital at anytime without wires for hygienic reasons
* Track elderly retarded patients, sound ‘alarms’ when they leave their designated area
* In-house IP phone network
* Track equipment (beds, medical machines, etc.)

- University
* Internet and Intranet access to students and staff
* Campus-wide IP phone network
* Security surveillance of the campus by remote controlled IP cameras

- Leisure / Hotel
* Internet access on the beach
* Registering of bar orders on handhelds at the pool / beach
* Tracking of personnel
* Resort-wide IP phone network

- Cities
* Tourist info provided based on your location
* Sightseeing tour with real time explanations depending on the location of the customer
* Registration of fines (parking tickets, waste infringements, etc.)
* Data collection for invoicing (waste collection)
* City-wide IP phone network for city officials
* Incidental networks for police and fire-fighters, with live video sent to the coordination centre

- Industrial Plants / Oil fields / Warehouse
* Live connection to the back-end systems
* IP Phone network
* Security surveillance of the plant by remote controlled IP cameras
* Transfer measured, captured data directly from handhelds to back-end systems (for example checks on piping, content of warehouse, pictures of damage of installation, etc.
* Automatically measurement parameters and send them to the control systems

- Rural Undeveloped Territory
* Cheap local phone and Internet services
* Distance learning by lessons via video conference so that children in remote regions do not need to walk 20 km to a school
Port & Marina Area

Creating a wireless network solution on Port and Marina areas is a challenging endeavor. Port Business customers are used to high bandwidth solutions. In addition, the connection must be very stable and comparable to services in order to meet the service level agreements (SLA) required by this demanding market segment.
One Telecom’s solution meets all these challenges and provides high quality services with very low setup and maintenance costs. The solution is based on our transmitters and outdoor customer premise equipment (CPE’s). This combination provides high-throughput and stable network coverage.

By using VoIP over our long-range Point-toMultipoint infrastructure, tourists, visitors and residents can benefit from phone calls at very low rates. Companies can reduce communication costs while corporate workers can be easily reached everywhere.
Wireless Metropolitan

One Telecom implements metropolitan-scale wireless networks in order to bring to municipalities innovative wireless services. Cities and municipalities can cover their entire territory and offer a variety of services to their residents as well as to all travellers. They can also use One Telecom’s wireless system for their numerous administrative and operative needs (telecommunications, Internet, intranet, connection with all public services, etc…) and simultaneously provide the public with many different services (if necessary via a subcontractor). Laptops, PDA’s, smartphones and other wireless devices communicate with each other using standard Wi-Fi (802.11a and g) protocol. One Telecom’s wireless network uses a multi-SSID protocol that allows the network to separate the VLAN (improved security) for each particular service, such as:
* Mobile Internet access
* Residential and small business broadband Internet access
* Video surveillance
* Wireless meter reading
* VoIP phone


A hotspot is a location where Internet broadband network access is made publicly available through a WLAN. Hotspots are often located in heavily populated places and typically have a short range of access. Hotspots are often found at restaurants, train stations, airports, coffee shops and other public places. Many universities and schools have wireless networks in their campuses. Technically speaking, hotspots consist of one or several transmitters installed inside buildings and/or adjoining outdoor areas. These transmitters are typically networked shared high-speed Internet connections. 
Our access points are an excellent choice for wireless hotspots to securely provide private or public network and broadband Internet access. For corporate users, hotspot access removes the time and cost associated with manual guest access setup for visitors and for public service providers. One Telecom provides a cost-effective route to quickly establish

Security and surveillance is one of the fastest growing applications for fixed wireless equipment. Government agencies, municipalities and private enterprises are all in the process of enhancing security through the use of increased video surveillance. Our transmitters have been designed to work seamlessly with IP video codes to provide highly flexible surveillance solutions that can rapidly be deployed where it would be physically or financially prohibitive using hardwired CCTV. They provide the necessary bandwidth for today's demanding high-performance CCTV systems.

Applications include:
* Highway and city traffic monitoring
* Military / Police Installation Perimeter Security
* Port/Harbor/Airport Security Monitoring
* Construction Site Monitoring
* Industrial Monitoring
* Campus Monitoring
* Railroad Monitoring
* Mining Monitoring
* Festivals and outdoor events

Our transmitters provide Point-to-Point links. Each base station has four wireless access point connections and two Ethernet ports. Each base station can again be connected to another wireless access point as point-to-point communication or to another base station as a point-to-multipoint communication. It is the ideal solution for municipalities, operators and wireless ISP’s that are deploying city-wide hotspots. They can also be used for connecting remote office buildings as part of a Wide Area Network (WAN). Designed as part of an integrated system that is easy to install, it is a cost-effective solution for wireless projects. Our transmitters can operate on 5GHz and 2.4 GHz.